Arrowhead Trail Consulting Services

sustainable trail constructionArrowhead Trails, Inc. offers a variety of professional services for government agencies, non-profit organizations, land trusts, ski resorts, and private landowners. We specialize in natural surface, shared and multi-use trails. Since Arrowhead Trails, Inc. was incorporated in October of 1994, we have designedand/or developed over 500 miles of sustainable trails for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, physically challenged individuals, skiers, snowshoers, climbers, anglers, and all-terrain vehicles.

Our crew has over twenty years of experience within the outdoor recreation industry. Our diverse background has allowed ATI to work with staff and volunteers in a variety of outdoor recreational pursuits that rely solely on natural surface trails. We have experience working with a variety of clients and we pride ourselves in assisting you whether you are just starting a trail program or you already have a trail staff of twenty.

Our slogan since 1994 has been "Your Trail Partner for the 21st Century". Our company focuses on using and developing high-tech trail tools and equipment to decrease the costs of developing and maintaining trails. We also strongly advocate the creation of partnerships to enhance the stewardship opportunities in your trail community. By combining outside funding sources, such as grants and corporate sponsors and hiring professional trail contractors to implement the project using local volunteers, clients can implement trail projects with minimal budget and staff impacts. This trend continues to enhance your trail opportunities.