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Since 1994 Arrowhead Trails has consulted, designed and/or constructed over 500 miles of natural surface, multiple-use trails in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming and Kansas. Clients have included municipalities, counties, federal agencies, state parks, ski resorts, non-profit organizations, cattle ranches, land trusts, irrigation companies, river authorities, and private landowners. See our trail construction slideshow or our Google Earth Project Map.

Arrowhead Trails, Inc. provides a variety of professional services for multiple-use trails, developing and managing natural surface trails; for mountain bikers, runners, hikers, equestrians, and skiers. We also construct accessible trails that meet the American with Disabilities Act Guidelines.

Trails constructed and designed by Arrowhead Trails, Inc. carry a standard one year warranty. We often check on our projects for several years after construction. This allows us to evaluate our success during the construction phase and remedy any concerns that arise during the trails first seasons of use. If concerns are located these are taken care of immediately so that they do not become a problem in the future.

Arrowhead Trails, Inc provides a variety of services to aid in the design and construction of multi-use, natural surface trails which:

salida mountain trailsOur trails are constructed using sustainble construction, these specifications may vary slightly depending on site characteristics and user goals of the actual trail. For example in areas with lots of mountain bikers, we recommend to our client to leave more protruding rocks. This would increase the technical challenge for riders but most importantly it can slow the speeds of riders which may minimize conflict with other slower traveling users like hikers and equestrians.

In addition to trail design and construction, Arrowhead Trails also offers GIS and GPS mapping services as well. Our GIS/GPS trail system mapping and assessment services can be tailored to help our clients meet their needs in a variety of ways such as: prioritizing needed trail system maintenance, conceptualizing new trails, in addition to generating detailed GIS maps of existing properties which can illustrate and determine values such as total acreages, trail lengths, road/river frontage totals, just to name a few. We meticulously map property and trail features in the field and can shape our expertise so our final product always meets the focus of the clients’ objectives.

Arrowhead Trails has supported many professional organizations, that support and advocate trail construction. Read about the Benefits of Trails and Greenways.