Arrowhead Trail Master Plans

Arrowhead Trails, Inc. began developing master plans in 1997. Danna Lambert, president of the company extended our capabilities significantly, by providing her talents of graphic design, technical illustration and cartography to our full-color plans. Trails Master Plans developed by Arrowhead Trails include:

Our experience allows us to complete all necessary field work and draft written documents in a relatively short period of time. We work very closely with our clients to develop clear, concise documents that are easy to understand and use. They often include budget information so clients can implement the plans in-house or use the information to obtain grants if staff and funding are not available.

Example Trail Master Plan


Scope of Work

Park Management

Description of Study Area

Definitions of Trails
   Designated Trails
   Social Trails
   Water Trails
   Accessible Trails

Benefits of Trails

Trail Trends

On Nature’s Trail

Western Region Trail Plan

Horizon Document

Goals of the AHRA Trails Master Plan

Objectives to Accomplish Goals

Development of a Trail Maintenance Program

List of AHRA Sites Located In the Study Area

Individual Site Assessments
   Primary Use
   Description of Trails
   Potential Trail Connections
   ATI Recommendations
   GIS Map
   Data Inventory Sheet

Potential Management Partners

Technical Drawings
   Trail Maintenance and Safety Inspection Form
   Basic Trail Cross Section
   Surfaced Trail Cross Section
   Rolling Dip Trail Design
   Grade Dip
   Grade Dip Dimensions
   Rock and Timber Steps
   Rock Wall Specifications
   Retaining Wall Specifications
   Timber Retaining Wall Profile
   Knick Specifications
   Swale Crossing