Arrowhead Trails Portfolio - Community and Homeowners Associations

Pole Creek Preserve, Fraser, Colorado

The Pole Creek Preserve project was a re-visited project that Arrowhead Trails had previously built 10 years ago.  After a clear-cut logging operation due to large scale beetle kill, the existing trail was covered with residual logging slash causing it to be abandoned by local resident users.  As a result, the Pole Creek Home Owners Association contacted Arrowhead Trails in 2012 to re-construct the 7 mile trail system, but this time as a machine built trail system.  
Pole Creek Preserve details.

highlands ranch trail constructionSapphire Pointe Homeowner's Association, Castle Rock, Colorado

Implemented reconstruction of a highly eroded portion of their crusher fines trail that provides infrastructure to the neighborhood open space trail system.
Sapphire Pointe details.

Roxborough Park Homeowner's Association, Littleton, Colorado

Provided consultation for the existing hard and soft surface trail system and its associated grade issues.

Divide Homeowners Association, Snowmass Village, Colorado

700 Feet of 10 feet wide homeowner’s skier access trail.

Highlands Ranch Community Association, Littleton, Colorado

Design and Construct 6+ mile natural surface trail system. Highlands Ranch Community Association details

Willow Springs Open Space Homeowners Association, Morrison, Colorado

2 Mile Willow Walk Trail, multi-use trail near Morrison, Colorado