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Little Rainbow Trail Opens
February 14, 2011 - The Mountain Mail

What's the big deal with Baxter Gulc?
October 20, 2010 - Crested Butte News

single trackPartnering with OHV Clubs
March/April 2010 - COHVCO News

Pump track officially opens - Salida Colorado
Summer 2010 - The Mountain Mail

Mountain Flyer Magazine - Field of Single Track Dreams
Issue #6 - ©Mountain Flyer Magazine

IMBA Trail News - Curt Gowdy State Park - Cheyenne Wyoming
Fall 2009 - ©IMBA Trail News

American Trails Magazine - Sharing our love of dirt (page 10-11)
Fall 2009 - ©American Trails

Field of Single Track Dreams - Curt Gowdy Trail
December 2007 - ©Men's Journal

Private Reserve - new nature trails...
September 2007 - ©5280 Magazine

Trail Solutions Visits the Blue Pacific
Spring 2007 - ©IMBA Trail News

Maximizing Trail Budgets through Competitive Bidding
Fall 2007 ©American Trails

Front Range FRUITA by Dave Phillips
March 2007, ©THE GAZETTE

IMBA Creating Sustainable Downhill Trails in Idaho
©International Mountain Bicycling Association Trails News Summer 2006

Cheyenne Mountain State Park to open this week
October 2006 ©The Gazette

Permission to Roam by Dave Phillips
November 2006 ©The Gazette

Private trail sparks public dispute By Joey Bunch
August 22, 2006 ©Denver Post

Building a bike trail system by Denise Ronald
April 2006 ©The Mountain Mail

Aspen Trail Construction

Arrowhead Trails employees (left to right) Luke Sustrich, Taylor Boone and Eric Sgambati work on a new trail on Aspen Mountain. The Ajax trail will run from Ute Park to Koch Lumber Park. Although work on the trail is yet to be completed, the public is encouraged to take advantage of the new addition.

Chip Strait/Aspen Daily News

Designing and Building Sustainable Trails
Presented at the 2006 IMBA Summit/World Mountain Bike Conference

Spin Cycle - Texas by Rob Story
November 2005 ©Bike

The art of building crushed stone trails
2004 ©Trail Tracks  the Trails Information Newsletter

Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado
©International Mountain Bicycling Association Trails News Summer 2003

The Faces of Singletrack
©International Mountain Bicycling Association Trails News Summer 2003

Wheel of Fortune- mountain biking enthusiast do area trails a good turn

Arrowhead Trails of Salida, Colorado - Professional trail builders who create some of the world's best singletrack -
©International Mountain Bicycling Association Trails News Summer 2003

Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Salida, Colorado
Weekend work maintains more than 2000 feet of the Rainbow Trail.
©International Mountain Bicycling Association Sept 2003

Green Lake Trail finds new route
©Chronicle and Pilot August 14, 1998

Happy Trail$ - Professional Trails Meet Environmental Rules
©VeloBusiness October 1998

Trail Dozer Carves Out Resort Niche
©Wintersport Business - June 1997

Tiny Dozer Slices, Dices New Trails
©Bicycle Retailer and Industry News - May 15, 1997