Minimum Criteria for Designated Trails

Provide sufficient trail map information so that a user with average ability can find the trail head and have a reasonably good idea of where the trail leads.

The trail system is signed well enough that an average user can follow the trail in all kinds of weather during its normal season of use.

The trail stem has no unmarked unreasonable safety hazards that would not be expected by the average user of that type of trail during its normal season of use.

Trail alignments are located in an area that minimizes its impact to native flora and fauna.

Trail alignments do not unreasonably infringe upon the privacy of adjacent landowners.

The trail system is reasonably free of logs, brush, rocks, man-made hazards, and other obstructions that would prevent or deter use by users unless specifically designed for as a freestyle riding feature.

Construction of bridges, ramps, retaining walls, steps and should be well designed, stable, and properly constructed to assume no additional risk to the user.